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Nate industrial oxygen generator helps you make stable product oxygen

By Nate Cloud • Mar 07, 2023

After the dust particles are removed by the suction filter, the raw air is pressurized to 0.5Mpa by the air compressor. First, the small amount of oil entrained by the compressed air when the air compressor is just started is removed by the activated carbon filter, and then the water is condensed and removed by the air dryer, and then enters an adsorber of the main oxygen generator. The adsorber is filled with adsorbent, in which water, carbon dioxide and a small amount of other gas components are adsorbed by the activated alumina loaded at the bottom at the inlet of the adsorber, and then nitrogen is adsorbed by the molecular sieve loaded at the top of the activated alumina.

1. The starting speed is fast, and qualified oxygen can be provided within 15~30 minutes, and the whole machine runs. Easy operation and maintenance, low failure rate. And the energy consumption is low, and the equipment operation cost is low.

2. The equipment is fully automatic, the whole process can be unattended, and the continuous production is stable.

3. Molecular sieve filling, tighter, firmer and longer service life. The service life of molecular sieve is 8-10 years.

4. The pressure, purity and flow are stable and adjustable to meet the different needs of customers.

5. Reasonable structure, stable process and low energy consumption.