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Do you know how often the industrial oxygen generator needs to change its water

By Nate Cloud • Mar 07, 2023

The industrial oxygen generator adopts high-tech bipolar oxygen generation technology. The oxygen generation module in the instrument automatically selects the oxygen molecules in the air and ionizes them into negative oxygen ions under normal pressure. The negative oxygen ions are sucked into the module by the gravity of the positive pole,After reaching the positive electrode, the negative oxygen ion releases electrons and reduces to oxygen. Its purity can reach about 99%. Then, it is mixed with air through the air pump to adjust the oxygen concentration and gas output, and about 30% - 99% high concentration oxygen is obtained. It has fully reached the medical level, and it is no longer necessary to move forward in treatment and health care. Daily oxygen inhalation and daily health care can ensure daily health.

Water in industrial oxygen generator:

1. Distilled water, if your conditions permit

2. Barreled water is the water from the drinking machine at home, that is, pure water.

3. You should also put cold boiled water in the first place.

The water in the humidification cup of the industrial oxygen concentrator is used to humidify the oxygen, so as not to make the respiratory tract too dry due to the absorption of oxygen. Generally, the water in the humidification bottle of the industrial oxygen concentrator must be poured out after each use.

There are other issues for attention in the oxygen generator for home industry:

(1) If the industrial oxygen concentrator uses primary and secondary filter cotton, it must be cleaned every half a month and dried naturally.

(2) The fuselage shell of industrial oxygen concentrator shall be cleaned regularly.

(3) No sundries shall be placed at the bottom of the industrial oxygen concentrator body, and the indoor ventilation shall be maintained.